Image by W&E Photographie


Here's a quick rundown on me:

My Grandpa Joe was the first person to put a camera in my hands, and since then, I have grown to see family moments through a camera lens - in angles, light, and emotions captured.

Combine that passion with my incurable habit of taking twenty-five minutes to leave any social gathering (obviously, I need to have a personal connection with everyone I pass on the way to the door, right?) and I found myself a job: a lifestyle and family photographer.

Based in Birmingham, AL, I am married to the hunk pictured above and momma to the happiest baby boy I've ever met (I know everyone says that about their kid, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate in this case...).

Why I do what I do:

I have always loved people, particularly the connections between people. We are all complex and unique, yet simple and similar. There is a valuable story unfolding within each home. A story to be remembered and documented, because it’s yours. Only yours. I deeply value the interactions that take place between people who love each other. There is something so awe-inspiring in the understanding glance of soul mates, in the soothing touch of a new mother, in the laughter of best friends who happen to be siblings (or siblings that are still needing to be reminded they love each other). There is wonder in it all. 


So whether you are bringing home your newborn baby or celebrating the everyday memories made within your home, I would love to capture these moments with you. Because honest moments with one another are some of the most beautiful things this life has to offer. Let’s remember it well. 


Photographer | BIRmingham + Nashville